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 Goldman Sachs: the Saudi oil field is shut down due to the attack, and it is expected to know more about how long the crude oil production will stop. However, if the production of 5-6 million barrels / day is stopped for an extended period, there may be a real risk. Source: it may take several months for Saudi Aramco to fully resume production to normal oil production level. Germany's DAX index fell 0.6%, Europe's Stoxx 50 index fell 0.6%, and Italy's FTSE MIB fell 1%. Goldman Sachs: if the shutdown affects more than 5 million barrels / day for 40-45 days, the oil inventory will decline by the end of the year, and the number of days that can meet future demand will be reduced by 4 days compared with the normal situation. Goldman Sachs: if the impact of the shutdown is more than 4 million barrels per day for more than three months, Brent crude oil may be pushed up to $75 per barrel. German Foreign Minister Maas: we are working with our partners to find out the culprit of the Saudi attack. Deutsche Bank: reduce the possibility of brexit without agreement on October 31 to 35%, previously 50%; early election is still our basic expectation. Spot gold once returned to below $1500 / oz, down $13 from intraday highs, down 0.8% to $1502.33/oz. Market news: according to local officials, the armed forces in eastern Libya have set Sirte, the central city of Libya, as a military target for air strikes. 【Apple plans to fight against the EU's $14 billion sky high tax bill】 us Hong Kong Telecom reported Thursday that Apple will fight against the world's largest tax case in court this week, trying to ease the hostility of EU antitrust directors to the Internet giant before the EU launches a new round of attacks on it. Apple will tell Luxembourg's EU permanent court that it is the world's largest taxpayer. But that's not enough for Margrethe vestager, the EU competition commissioner, who said in a 2016 ruling that the tax deal between Apple (AAPL. O) and Ireland caused the company to pay far less than other companies. The court now has to weigh whether regulators should levy a record 13 billion euros ($14.4 billion) in taxes. Apple declined to comment before the hearing. The European Commission also declined to comment. Ireland said it "strongly" disagreed with the EU's findings. The first clue to the final outcome of the apple case will be revealed in two decisions on September 24. (techweb) 【flash】 Veronica nikishina, trade minister of the Eurasian Economic Commission, said the first FTA agreement between the Eurasian Economic Union and Singapore would be signed on October 1. (Satellite News) 【all 170 passengers may be killed in the crash of Ukrainian airliner in Tehran】 the head of Iran's emergency medical accident said that rescue workers, life-saving teams and firefighters had been sent out; the scene of the fire was strong and firefighters tried to control it, but because the fire was too big to rescue, all passengers may be killed. (CCTV) Trade Minister of India: India will look at trade with the United States from an open perspective. Bailey, head of the financial conduct authority, is listening to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange's acquisition of the London Stock Exchange, but will not take a stand. German economy minister altmeyer: the banking industry has been told that it is not a good way to convey negative interest rates to millions of depositors. Goldman Sachs: the current temporary disorder of Saudi Crude oil output has a neutral impact on the balance of oil and gas in Europe and a potential negative impact on us natural gas. Hang Seng futures rose 0.01% to 27058. EUR / GBP rose 0.5% to 0.8897. Goldman Sachs: we expect us oil prices to rise by $10 per barrel from the base price of $60. Goldman Sachs: among exploration and production companies, ConocoPhillips (COP. N), Continental energy company and pioneer natural resources company are expected to face the greatest potential risk of rising oil prices in the near future.  
 高盛(Goldman Sachs):沙特油田因袭击而关闭,预计它将进一步了解原油生产将停止多久。不过,如果长时间停产500万至600万桶/日,则可能存在实际风险。 资料来源:沙特阿美可能需要几个月的时间才能完全恢复正常的石油生产水平。 德国DAX指数下跌0.6%,欧洲斯托克50指数下跌0.6%,意大利FTSE MIB指数下跌1%。 高盛:如果停产影响超过500万桶/天,持续40-45天,到年底石油库存将下降,能够满足未来需求的天数将比正常情况减少4天。 高盛:如果停产影响超过3个月每天400万桶,布伦特原油可能会被推高至每桶75美元。 德国外交部长马斯:我们正在与我们的伙伴合作,找出沙特袭击的罪魁祸首。 德意志银行:在10月31日未达成协议的情况下,BrxIT的可能性降低至35%,此前为50%;早期选举仍是我们的基本预期。 现货金一度回到1500美元/盎司以下,较盘中高点下跌13美元,下跌0.8%至1502.33美元/盎司。 市场消息:据当地官员透露,利比亚东部武装部队已将利比亚中心城市苏尔特定为空袭的军事目标。 香港苹果电信星期四报道,苹果公司将于本周在法庭上与世界上最大的税务案进行抗争,试图在欧盟发起新一击之前,缓解欧盟反垄断董事对互联网巨头的敌意。苹果将告诉卢森堡的欧盟常设法院,它是世界上最大的纳税人。但这对欧盟竞争事务专员玛格丽特•维斯塔格(Margrethe vestager)来说还不够,他在2016年的一项裁决中表示,苹果公司(Apple)之间的税收协议。O) 爱尔兰导致该公司的薪酬远低于其他公司。法院现在必须权衡监管机构是否应该征收创纪录的130亿欧元(144亿美元)的税收。苹果在听证会前拒绝置评。欧盟委员会也拒绝置评。爱尔兰表示“强烈”不同意欧盟的调查结果。苹果案最终结果的第一条线索将在9月24日的两项判决中揭晓。(技术网) 【快讯】欧亚经济委员会(Eurasian Economic Commission)贸易部长维罗妮卡•尼基什纳(Veronica nikishina)表示,欧亚经济联盟与新加坡将于10月1日签署第一份FTA协议。(卫星新闻) 【乌克兰客机在德黑兰坠毁,170名乘客可能全部遇难】伊朗紧急医疗事故负责人说,救援人员、救生队和消防人员已经出动;火灾现场很强烈,消防人员试图控制,但由于火势太大,无法救援,所有乘客都可能死亡。(中央电视台) 印度贸易部长:印度将以开放的视角看待与美国的贸易。 金融行为管理局局长贝利正在收听香港证券交易所收购伦敦证交所的消息,但不肯接受。 德国经济部长阿尔特迈耶:银行业被告知,向数百万储户传达负利率并不是一个好办法。 高盛(Goldman Sachs):目前沙特原油产量暂时混乱,对欧洲油气平衡产生中性影响,对美国天然气也有潜在负面影响。 恒生期货上涨0.01%,至27058点。 欧元/英镑上涨0.5%,至0.8897。 高盛(Goldman Sachs):我们预计美国油价将从每桶60美元的基准价上涨10美元。 高盛(Goldman Sachs):在勘探和生产公司中,康菲石油(ConocoPhillips)是其中之一。N) 预计,大陆能源公司和先锋自然资源公司近期将面临油价上涨的最大潜在风险。